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PHIL HARRINGTON BAIT specializes in providing high-quality live bait to fishermen locally in Woolwich, Maine, nationally, and around the world. Our sandworms and bloodworms make excellent bait, and they’re also used for various research projects.

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Serving Woolwich, Columbia Falls, & Hancock, Maine • Member of the Natural Federation of Independent Businesses


Our Story

At PHIL HARRINGTON BAIT in Woolwich, Maine, our family-owned business takes great pride in providing some of the best fishing bait options to fishermen around the world. We buy and sell sandworms and bloodworms, which are both very popular because of their effectiveness. Our customers come to us from both the East and West Coasts of the United States, and we regularly get orders from Europe. Owner Phil has more than 50 years of experience digging for and selling bloodworms and other fishing bait. We’ve been providing fine bait for more than 25 years to customers locally and across the country.

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