Bloodworms and Other Live Bait

Fishermen around the world turn to PHIL HARRINGTON BAIT in Woolwich, Maine, for high-quality live bait, including sandworms and bloodworms, or Glychera Dibranchiata. These worms are used predominantly for saltwater fishing, and occasionally for a variety of research. Orders can be placed via email, or you can call us at (888) 892-2571.
Direct fishermen place their orders online. Shipping options vary based on where your live bait is going. Gel-packed, insulated containers are used for long distance shipping, and regular containers are for local customers. Bloodworms are among the most effective baits you can use, so quality worms are coveted by fishermen.

Father and Son Fishing - Bloodworms, Live Bait

Hand-Harvested Worms

Maine is one of the major suppliers of bloodworms to the fishing industry worldwide, and there are only two other places that have enough to sell. Maine is the only location that can sell them year-round, and one of few place that allow only hand harvesting. Due to this, harvesters here can work independently and enjoy the fruits of their own labor. By barring machines from harvesting, we protect our coastlines and the worms’ natural habitat. This ensures that worm diggers can continue working, and that we continue supplying the best live bait and bloodworms.

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