PHIL HARRINGTON BAIT was founded as a fishing bait store in Woolwich, Maine, by Phil Harrington more than 25 years ago. He started out as a worm digger, became a buyer, and is now one of the biggest bloodworm buyers in the industry. Phil has more than 50 years of experience in the industry, and is proud to share his profession with the rest of his family and many good friends he has made over the years.

We treat everyone as fairly as possible, especially where there is a shortage of fishing bait. Due to the nature of our industry, it’s susceptible to weather conditions, so we do have days where we don’t have the enough worms to cover the amount that everyone wants, but we do strive to ensure everyone has at least some bait.

Our team enjoys the family atmosphere we have built, and all of our employees are either friends or family. Even customer is like family to us, and many of them come to us out of loyalty. There are times when you may pay a bit more for your fishing bait, but our customers know it’s worth it due to the service and quality of our worms. You’ll find us at the shop in the mornings or around the tides. If you can’t find us at the shop, we’re always available via email.


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